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Best Car Insurance In Arizona



If you live in Arizona, your car insurance prices are about average for the nation. In fact, lists Arizona as the 20th most expensive state for car insurance with annual premiums of $1,557. 
This is only $40 more than the national average, so you aren’t getting fleeced for car insurance like those that live in Michigan, the most expensive state. Even though Arizona’s rates as a whole are about average, your specific rates could be much higher or lower. 
Car insurance takes many factors into account beyond your location within Arizona. To find the best rates on car insurance, you need to shop around. Here are some of the best car insurance companies in Arizona that you can get quotes from.

Compare auto insurance quotes in Arizona

Summary: best auto insurance companies in Arizona
Are you searching for a fast answer about who has the best car insurance in Arizona? See the table below for our best options and how they excel.

ProviderBest forAverage premium (Monthly rate for 25-year old female driving 17 Jetta with no prior accidents)
GabiCollecting multiple competing quotes at onceVaries
AllstateLocal agent-supported insurance$153.00
EsuranceOnline or phone-based insurance support$176.27
Liberty MutualCoverage options to meet your needs$86.58
MetromilePay-per-mile car insurance$84.01 + $.09 per mile
State FarmLong list of discounts$93.78
ProgressiveCompetitive premiums$103.22
USAAExcellent customer service for qualifying military members and their familiesVaries, you will need a military ID to get quotes

About average premiums
Average premiums were calculated using the following mock profile:
Jennifer, age 25, is single, employed, and has no prior accidents.
She leases a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 SE.
She rents an apartment in zip code 85748 (Tucson).
She secures every logical discount and opts into telematics programs (Progressive Snapshot, etc.).
Taken as a whole, Jenny’s quotes may be roughly reflective of what you might pay each month for insurance in Arizona. However, your quotes will vary. Every provider views each individual situation differently, so while Liberty Mutual offered Jenny a pretty killer deal, you might get the best deal elsewhere. 
The only way to find the best rates for you is to shop around!

Earlier I mentioned that the best (and frankly only) way to find the best premiums is to shop around and collect quotes from at least a half dozen providers. It’s simply impossible to predict who will offer you the cheapest quote since everyone’s situation is unique. 
Thankfully, Gabi exists to expedite the process. Once you input some basic personal, vehicle, and driver history like you would on any other insurance site, Gabi will show you multiple competing quotes at once so you can cherry-pick the best offer. 
Gabi isn’t the first auto insurance aggregator, so how do they stand out? Well, Gabi will uniquely let you upload your current auto insurance policy so that the site can focus on beating your existing rate. Then, when it’s time to renew in six months, Gabi will do it again.
Learn more about Gabi or read our full review. 

If you end up getting car insurance with Allstate, you, along with 9% of the country, are in good hands. In fact, you’ll be in the hands of one of the top five auto insurers in the nation. 
What gives people the feeling of being in good hands is the agent experience. While you can get a quote online or with a local Allstate agent, each Allstate customer will be assigned a local agent that you can go to with questions. For people that value the face-to-face experience, this could be a key factor in choosing Allstate over some of its competitors.
Allstate offers many potential discounts to help lower your premiums. Examples include anti-lock brakes, EZ pay plan, early signing, FullPay, new car, multiple policy, responsible payer, safe driving club, and smart student discounts. 
They also offer a feature called Drivewise. You use an app or device to track your driving habits, such as driving below 80 mph, hard braking, and late-night trips. If you are a low-risk driver, you could get discounts and cash back. You start getting cash back after your first 50 trips then every six months after that. 
Learn more about Allstate or read our full review. 

Even though Esurance is backed by Allstate, the car insurance program works differently than Allstate’s traditional model. You get quotes either online or over the phone and don’t get an in-person agent. This saves Esurance money which lowers their costs and may result in lower rates for you.
Some people will hate that they can’t talk to a local agent. If this is you, Esurance isn’t a good fit. Those that prefer to work online or over the phone, like me, won’t have any problems with this model of offering car insurance.
Contacting Esurance when you need them is easy. Their call centers are open from 6 am to 12 am central time every day of the week, including weekends. You can also email them and get a response within 24 hours, which is much faster than some companies.
Esurance even offers quite a few discounts you may find useful. Common examples include multi-policy, online quote, claim-free, multi-car, defensive driver, anti-theft, and paid-in-full discounts.
Learn more about Esurance or read our full review. 
Liberty Mutual 

According to their market share, Liberty Mutual is another top 10 car insurance company that you may want to consider. Even though they’re not as high on the list as Allstate or State Farm, they’re still a solid competitor.
When you visit their website, Liberty Mutual focuses on explaining their coverages and helping you find the insurance you actually need. This focus on uncomplicating insurance could save you money if you would otherwise purchase too much coverage elsewhere. 
You can also add more unique coverage options, such as better car replacement, that make sense for your situation. 
If you’re looking for discounts, Liberty Mutual has plenty. Common discounts include military, early shopper, advanced safety features, homeowner, good student, accident-free, violation-free, alternative energy, paperless policy, and paid-in-full discounts. 
They also have a program called RightTrack that combines a device and an app to monitor your driving habits for 90 days. Based on the results, you could get a discount of 5% to 30% from this program alone.
Learn more about Liberty Mutual or read our full review. 

Metromile is a unique auto insurer that is only available in a handful of states. Arizona is one of them. Because of this, they clearly aren’t in the top 10 auto insurers by market share, but that’s because they’re a newer company with a niche audience.
Rather than charge a flat fee for your auto insurance premiums, Metromile charges a base rate each month and then charges you by the number of miles you actually drive. If you don’t drive often or don’t drive far, this could result in huge auto insurance cost savings.
Metromile isn’t for everyone, though. If you frequently drive long distances, you may pay more for auto insurance than with a traditional policy. Even though miles driven per day above 250 miles are free, distance drivers could still end up paying a pretty penny if the trips happen often. 
Metromile does offer discounts such as multi-car, occupational, safe driving course, alarm system, recovery system, and good driver discounts. These aren’t taken off of your main policy rate, but are already factored into the rates Metromile shows you.
Even so, it can’t hurt to get a quote and run the numbers for your situation. You can customize your coverages to find the perfect policy for you.
Learn more about Metromile or read our full review. 
State Farm

If you want to get insurance from the biggest auto insurance provider,
State Farm should be your pick. In the United States, they make up roughly 16% of the auto insurance market.
Like Allstate, you can get auto insurance quotes online or in person. Either way, you’ll be assigned to a local agent to support you. If you prefer the traditional insurance model, State Farm is definitely worth getting a quote from. If you’re like me and prefer a robust online support system, State Farm probably isn’t your best option.
State Farm offers a long list of discounts, including accident-free, good driving, defensive driving course, good student, multiple auto, passive restraint, and vehicle safety discounts, among others. They also offer two programs you can use to save even more.
The first is Drive Safe & Save, which uses an app that connects to a Bluetooth beacon to track your driving habits. In particular, they examine quick braking, fast cornering, distracted driving, rapid acceleration, and hard braking. If you drive safer, you could get up to a 30% discount on your premiums.
You can also save if someone under 25 on your policy takes the Steer Clear program while meeting other requirements. After completion, a certificate is sent to your agent to get the Steer Clear Safe Driver discount.


Like many of your favorite celebrities, Progressive does a superb job of hiding its age. The provider’s slick website, industry-leading telematics program, and bubbly spokeswoman Flo would all point to a young, Millennial-centric company hardly older than the dot com boom. 
However, Progressive has been around since 1937. They’ve remained competitive in the 2020s by keeping their technology up to snuff and offering extremely affordable premiums. That, paired with their many discounts and tools, make Progressive the right fit for many drivers, no matter their age. 
Learn more about Progressive or read our full review. 


Last but not least, USAA is a car insurance option for members of the military, veterans with an honorable discharge or their eligible family members. You do have to qualify for membership to get USAA auto insurance, so those without a way to qualify can’t get auto insurance through USAA.
As a USAA member myself, I know there have been times where USAA offered the best auto insurance rates for my situation. Additionally, they offer some of the best customer service in the industry. 
If you’re looking for discounts, USAA offers safe driver, military installation, defensive driving, length of membership, driver training, family, good student, vehicle storage, new vehicle, multi-vehicle, annual mileage, and even more discounts. You don’t have to pay more to use a monthly payment plan, either.
Learn more about USAA or read our full review.
How I came up with this list
This list of the top insurers in Arizona was chosen from the companies that insure Arizona drivers. After looking at the list, I picked out a handful of companies that could help you get auto insurance at an affordable price with good customer service.
Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict which auto insurance company is best for you and your particular situation. 
Since premiums vary by a number of factors and the premiums a particular company charges may be calculated differently than another company, you’ll have to get multiple quotes to find the best deal for you. That said, this list of insurers is a good place to start.
Minimum auto insurance coverage required in Arizona for 2020
Like most other states, Arizona requires vehicle owners to carry a minimum amount of financial responsibility. The most common way this is established is by carrying auto insurance.
In particular, Arizona requires bodily injury liability coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident. You must also carry $10,000 of property damage liability per accident. This is commonly referred to as 15/30/10 coverage in Arizona. But what does this mean?
The 15/30/10 is a shorthand way of stating the types of insurance you must have in tens of thousands of dollars. It represents bodily injury liability per person, per accident, and property damage liability per accident, respectively.
Bodily injury liability covers injury costs others incur due to an accident you’re found at fault in. The first limit covers how much each person can get from your insurance. 
The second number is the total bodily injury liability per accident you’re at fault in. If three people have $15,000 of bodily injury liability costs, your insurance would only cover $30,000 if you have the minimum amount required. 
The final number covers property damage when you’re at fault. Damage you cause in an accident to cars, homes, or other property would use this coverage.
A severe accident could eclipse the minimum insurance requirements for Arizona. If the limits are exceeded, you could be held personally responsible for the difference.
For this reason, auto insurance companies usually offer much higher liability limits you can choose. They cost more than the basic limits, but being properly insured could save you from bankruptcy in truly gruesome accidents.
If you get pulled over
If you get pulled over and don’t have the minimum financial responsibility, usually in the form of car insurance, you won’t like the results. 
You’ll receive a minimum fine of at least $500 and have your license as well as your car registration suspended.
Arizona is an at-fault insurance state
Arizona’s car insurance laws make it an at-fault state. That means the person at fault is responsible for the financial damage the accident causes.
That said, the person found not at fault may have their damages reduced if they are found to be comparatively negligent.
Teen drivers
To get a driver’s permit in Arizona, you must be at least 15 years and six months old and pass vision as well as written tests. When you have a permit, an adult 21 or older must be in the front seat next to the permit driver at all times.
At age 16, you can get a graduated driver’s license if you meet the experience hours requirement, pass the road test, and meet other requirements. 
There are restrictions, such as not being able to drive from midnight to 5 am except under certain conditions. The passengers you carry may also be restricted. 
I’ve listed six of the many auto insurers available in Arizona, but I believe they’re some of the best options you have. 
After understanding the laws and insurance requirements in the state, make sure you get quotes from at least six car insurance companies listed above.
Doing so may be able to save you money on your car insurance premiums. It may even save you some hassle down the road if you pick an auto insurance company with a stellar customer service reputation.
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